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Words and food... Read More

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We're Fundraising (**new movie)

Each year we run on a shoestring budget, but sometimes that string begins to fray. This past year a number of long-term faithful donors decided to reallocate their money to social justice initiatives within their own neighbourhoods. It was great to see them grow in their passion for developing social justice... Read More

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National Aboriginal Day and Pipelines

The past week has been a week marked with highs and lows for us at Mosaic. Last Saturday was the highlight of our yearly calendar, our National Aboriginal Day Street Party. It is the largest event on our yearly calendar. It takes our entire community and many partners all coming together to host an event... Read More

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Poetry Night with Isaiah

We declared this week Poetry Night. We looked at Isaiah 58:1-12, which is part of a really long poem. We went through the text chunk by chunk, seeing what insight came out reading the text together. Then we had a poetry reading at the end so people could share the poems they created while we were looking at the... Read More

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Blessed are the poor in spirit

Tonight Chris invited Tanya to sing along. She did a great job and Chris sang some excellent songs.  Beautiful by Phil Wickham, Burn In Me by the Wildings, You Split the Earth by Martin Smith.   The text week was Matthew 5:1-12, The Sermon on the Mount, or The Beatitudes, which is in essence Jesus laying out what... Read More

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Help Mosaic With One Click!

DIGITAL BARN RAISING DAY!   Today is the day! Time to roll up your sleeves...   1. GO to this link: 2. SHARE the event on your timeline.  3. ASK your friends to share.    Done. You are beautiful. Mosaic thanks you.    Read More

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Easier Than A Barn Raising!

Friends of Mosaic Would you consider helping Mosaic in a really simple way? It’s like a barn raising, but way easier, and a lot less sweaty.     Thursday, January 23, 2014 1. SHARE Mosaic’s fundraising event on your Facebook timeline 2. ASK friends to LIKE the event.  3. DONE. Even if you live far... Read More

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Joyful Disruption

The third week of Advent is about Joy. Joyful expectant waiting. Pheonix lit our Advent candle for us, reminding us of this week’s Advent theme. It’s suppose to be a pink candle this week to represent joy, but we only had purple ones, so we had to imagine it being pink. On a joyful note, Ron let us know that his... Read More

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May Your Feet Fall Lightly

The drawing is from Tanya. She prayed for me before the service, as she often does. It’s the second week of Advent, so we looked at Isaiah 11:1-10 which begins by talking about a shoot coming out of the stump of Jesse. We talked about the image of a stump as representative of the sad ugly state of defeat and ruin... Read More

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Children of Empire

By Silas Krabbe Where am I to stand at the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission)? Born in the suburbs of Calgary AB, as a white male child to a middle class family, my affluent and socially dominate position in society often negates my voice when I enter into discourses centered on oppression, colonization,... Read More