Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship

Each Sunday we open our doors at 2pm to set up, brew coffee, and catch up with one another. Our service begins around 3pm with worship. Together we worship through music, reading Christian scriptures, discusing the texts, and gathering for communion. Sometimes we dance, sometimes we paint, sometimes we draw, sometimes we laugh, and sometimes we cry.


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The label of ‘homeless’ has become so deeply entrenched...

Recently I was talking to a friend. She was recalling a particular incident which happened to her on a street. I honestly don’t remember much about the story, but there was a part in it where she mentioned a... Read More

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We celebrated the youngest member of our community

I’m tempted to say that every Sunday at Mosaic is different, and while I believe that to be true, this past Sunday was especially different, if there is such a thing. On Sunday we celebrated the youngest member of... Read More

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As we move further and further from our comfort...

Recently for whatever reason, I have begun to pay more attention to the lyrics of Christmas songs.  The trouble with Christmas songs is that they become so familiar, we don’t notice them.  The words just fly out of... Read More

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My sofa is far more comfortable...

My name is Gavin and I have been part of the Mosaic family on and off since about February of this year.     How I discovered the Mosaic community is not quite as interesting as why I stayed, but I’m going to tell... Read More

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Words and food... Read More